Category: Play

  • Car wash station

    Car wash station

    What you need: Shaving foam; A few toy cars; A tray/plastic sheet; Brushes or sponges A bowl with warm water and a towel. Just spray some shaving foam on a tray and place the cars and brushes on it. Super easy, but you need to wash the child after. Mine decided to cover herself in […]

  • Pasta play

    Pasta play

    What you need: A few big bags of pasta (various types including penne); Pots, measuring cups, funnels and other kitchen utensils; A bit of yarn to make a pasta neckless; A big Ikea storage box (but any box will do); A bbq stick to slip past on (do cut the sharp ends); Plastic bottles, buckets. […]

  • Edible paints – colored yogurt

    Edible paints – colored yogurt

    What you need: Yogurt; Food coloring; Silicone cups (or any other cups); Large plastic sheet or a tuff spot tray (cement mixing tray); A few sheets of cardboard . Mix yogurt with small quantities of food coloring and put them in the cups. Put on the floor a protective sheet or a tray and place […]