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  • Scrach & draw animals book

    Scrach & draw animals book

    What a good buy! It has rainbow and foil scrach-off pages with a wooden pen. You are supposed to follow the outline of the animals to reveal the page beneath. Good to use with a coin as well. It has a little description about each animal and at the end of the book you have…

  • Gingerbread house for Peppa Pig

    Gingerbread house for Peppa Pig

    We made this at Christmas and my little one still likes to play with it now in January. She never let me put the roof because she wanted to use it as Peppa’s house. All you need is a gingerbread house kit and some plastic figurines. We like Peppa and pricesses at the moment.  

  • Build & paint a giant dinosaur kit

    Build & paint a giant dinosaur kit

    I’d say this was a good value buy. It’s not very sturdy and you might need to reinforce the neck to stay up, but for a fiver what else can you want? We needed a few days to finish it so it kept us going. Get your dino here:

  • Pottery project

    Pottery project

    As the title suggests all you need is a pottery kit for kids. The one I have has all the materials including the paints. As this needs to dry, this is an activity in two stages. You can buy a set like that for £10 and make a few projects with it. Keep the mix…