Tag: Gift ideas

  • Coloured salt jars

    Coloured salt jars

    Make some rainbow magic salt jars using fine salt and chalk. Just pour some salt on a paper and rub the chalk on the salt until you get the desired colour. Fill some empty jars. If you want to avoid mixing the colours make sure you fill it to the top and push the salt…

  • Gift wrapping ideas

    Gift wrapping ideas

    Some ideas to decorate gifts. Try origami flowers, lace, buttons, wide ribbons and stones, cheap jewellery parts or numbers/letters made of beads.

  • Slate painting

    Slate painting

    Same thing as painting pebbles: acrylic markers and sealent spray. I used some broken slates to make houses and an old tile to make a multi-storey block. You can put them in your garden or in a fairy corner.

  • Wraping paper & card for dad

    Wraping paper & card for dad

    Here is a simple card and wrapping paper idea for dads. You need a shoe from dad and one from the kid to make some stomps on a paper. For the card use a hand print to make a dinosaur by adding a neck and a head to the palm imprint.

  • Easter egg flower arrangements

    Easter egg flower arrangements

    Paint some egg shells and put them on some barbecue sticks. Make a flower arrangement and add the eggs.

  • Easter egg vases

    Easter egg vases

    Empty some eggs with a syringe (you can make an omelette with the content) and paint them with your favourite colours. Put them in a vase and add a decorative flower or bow.