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  • Felt Christmas ornaments

    Felt Christmas ornaments

    Here are a variety of felt ornaments I made over the years. You need A4 felt sheets, thread, beads/buttons and cotton or pillow filler. For any complicated patterns (sledge, raindeer, train) I suggest to make a pattern first on some cardboard then cut the shapes.

  • Miniature felt ice skates ornament

    Miniature felt ice skates ornament

    One of the sweetest little ornaments you’ve seen. Little ice skates made of felt with paperclips for the blades. They are very easy to make. Work your way up from the paper clip to get the right size of the boots.

  • Dried orange slices garland

    Dried orange slices garland

    Here’s an idea for a rustic & green Christmas decoration. All you need is dried orange slices (you can make them with a dehidrator or buy them) some yarn and a large needle. These were made for the school Christmas Winter Wonderland forest trail, but would work very well in a tree.

  • Playdoh Christmas cookies

    Playdoh Christmas cookies

    Kids are getting excited about Christmas so here is an easy activity. Take your cookie cutters out of the baking drawer, some sprinkles and/or a mix of buttons and start baking.

  • Ice table decorations

    Ice table decorations

    Here are a few ideas to ornate your table with ice. Ice & flowers/fruit bottle holder or frozen bottles as Jamie Oliver calls them. You need a cut big plastic bottle and an empty wine bottle (or if you like gin and vodka they can go inside the freezer as they are so no need […]

  • Stiching & beads cards

    Stiching & beads cards

    Some of my favourite cards have stiching and beads in it. You cand do so much with the two. Here are some ideas. They look elegant and very interesting.

  • Winter sports sensory bin

    Winter sports sensory bin

    Who does not like fake snow for some sensory play particularly when you don’t have actual snow? Get a big tube of snow online or from a Christmas market and add cold water for a frosty result. Add small figurines. I used the Paw Patrol Advent Calendar. It came with loads of puppies on snowboards […]

  • Elsa’s frozen hand activity

    Elsa’s frozen hand activity

    Great play idea for a hot or cold day or during . This Frozen themed activity is refreshing and very entertaining for any Frozen fans. We put songs in the background and my little one wanted to wear her Elsa & Ana hat and gloves. This is also a great STEM activity to learn the […]

  • Gingerbread house for Peppa Pig

    Gingerbread house for Peppa Pig

    We made this at Christmas and my little one still likes to play with it now in January. She never let me put the roof because she wanted to use it as Peppa’s house. All you need is a gingerbread house kit and some plastic figurines. We like Peppa and pricesses at the moment.  

  • North pole tuff spot (snow version 2)

    North pole tuff spot (snow version 2)