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  • Instant snow

    Instant snow

    This is a much better value than the small tubes sold at the Christmas markets. Makes a good quantity of snow, it’s fluffy and reusable. My tip. Put the water you want to use in the fridge to get cold snow. This is what I have, but there are many different ones for sale online. […]

  • Edible chu chu train

    Edible chu chu train

    Here is a presentation idea for your vegetables or other snacks. Perfect for winter holidays, but you can adjust the setting to fit a transport themed party or other themes. What I’ve used: Big peppers; Cucumber slices; Food to load the train (sausages, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks); Toothpicks; Toy train track; Artificial trees; Christmas light […]

  • Christmas cards – Foot & Hand prints

    Christmas cards – Foot & Hand prints

    Why spend money on cards if you have a pair of cute and small feet or hands around? What you need: Paints; Cardboard; Glue; Felt, eyes, beads, sequins or small pom poms.  

  • Activity Advent Calendar

    Activity Advent Calendar

    This is a fab ideea to replace the classic chocolate advent calendar. You do need quite a few craft materials and ideeas, but you end up with an activity a day to keep your wee ones ocupied. What you need: a box ( I had one from a beer advent calendar and I keep using […]

  • Edible snow (snow version 1)

    Edible snow (snow version 1)

    What you need: White flour; Warm water; Snow animals figurines (seals, penguins) Large plastic sheet or a tuff spot tray (cement mixing tray); Additional protection for the floor (tarpaulin sheet). Not much explaining needing for this activity, but plenty of cleaning after so do make sure you put loads of protection on your floor. I […]