Tag: fine motor skills

  • Autumn play soup

    Autumn play soup

    Autumn is almost gone so here’s a play idea with everything you can think of related to autumn, water and kitchen utensils – autumn soup play.

  • Pinecone animals

    Pinecone animals

    Cool autumn decorations using pinecones, paper, felt, clay, glue and eyes.

  • Halloween snacks

    Halloween snacks

    Here are some easy Halloween ideas. Crackers spiders, cheese brooms and orange pumpkins.

  • Elsa’s frozen hand activity

    Elsa’s frozen hand activity

    Great play idea for a hot or cold day or during . This Frozen themed activity is refreshing and very entertaining for any Frozen fans. We put songs in the background and my little one wanted to wear her Elsa & Ana hat and gloves. This is also a great STEM activity to learn the…

  • Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

    Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

    This came about from discovering a big bag of expired quinoa in my pantry. Hubby bought it, but I am not a fan and have managed to make it lost in the cupboard. It turned out to be an excellent sensory bin filler. What you need: Scoops; Ice cream cones; Plates, cups and spoons; Other…

  • Garden soup

    Garden soup

    Here is a water & natural resources based activity. Great for spending time outdoor on a sunny day. Gather some pots and spoons and a pair of scissors and get in the garden. Snip some wild flowers and leaves, gather stones, feathers and any other treasures you might find. Get some bottles and jugs and…

  • Coins tracing

    Coins tracing

    I spent ages doing this as a child si I had to try it with my little one. She’ll be better at it when she will lear how to control the pressure she puts when drawing, but she liked it anyway.

  • Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Great play idea with coloured rice, some pipes and kitchen utensils. A colour explosion!!!    

  • Polka dot soup

    Polka dot soup

    Easy and colourfull activity. What you need: bingo chips; kitchen utensils; water, plastic box and towels. Do make note of choking hazard so please supervise if the child is not old enough.

  • Tracing patterns

    Tracing patterns

    An easy time killer play with some sort of therapeutical effect for our little one. Tracing various patterns with small colourful toys, buttons, legos or other similar things you have in the house. We used snowflake building pieces.