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  • Fishing with magnets

    Fishing with magnets

    This play idea reminds me of my brother. We used to play this game together a lot. It must be the easiest game to set up ever and it’s great fun. What you need: a big magnet taped to a string on a stick; coins (1 penny & 2 pence will do); a bowl or…

  • Human body project

    Human body project

    Want to teach your child the human body parts and some basic anatomy? Build this super cool body made of things you have in the house or in your recycling bin. What I used: Big cardboard box: Glue, pens, scissors; Bubble wrap for lungs; Red glitter for heart; Straws for veins; Yarn for brain and…

  • Liquid watercolors

    Liquid watercolors

    Best paints to use for any dying you might need. A few drops go a long way. I use them to dye food, foam, water and many others. You get vibrant colours. One of my must haves! You can buy them here. 

  • Build & paint a giant dinosaur kit

    Build & paint a giant dinosaur kit

    I’d say this was a good value buy. It’s not very sturdy and you might need to reinforce the neck to stay up, but for a fiver what else can you want? We needed a few days to finish it so it kept us going. Get your dino here:

  • Activity Advent Calendar

    Activity Advent Calendar

    This is a fab ideea to replace the classic chocolate advent calendar. You do need quite a few craft materials and ideeas, but you end up with an activity a day to keep your wee ones ocupied. What you need: a box ( I had one from a beer advent calendar and I keep using…

  • Pottery project

    Pottery project

    As the title suggests all you need is a pottery kit for kids. The one I have has all the materials including the paints. As this needs to dry, this is an activity in two stages. You can buy a set like that for £10 and make a few projects with it. Keep the mix…

  • Painted cardboard house

    Painted cardboard house

    What you need: A big cardboard box and a small one; A sheet to protect the floor (I have an old bed sheet which I keep for craft projects); Acrylic paints and brushes; Cello tape, staples or glue; Scissors. Lift the side flops of the big box and glue them together to make a roof…

  • Pasta play

    Pasta play

    What you need: A few big bags of pasta (various types including penne); Pots, measuring cups, funnels and other kitchen utensils; A bit of yarn to make a pasta neckless; A big Ikea storage box (but any box will do); A bbq stick to slip past on (do cut the sharp ends); Plastic bottles, buckets.…