Tag: outdoor play

  • Real snow sensory bin

    Real snow sensory bin

    If you get some snow outside and done playing out in the fresh air, but the kids are still excited you can bring some in the house. Get a scoop or a dust pan and put some snow in a box. Add their favourite toys or some of the arctic plastic animals. Get them to…

  • Kids bird feeder

    Kids bird feeder

    Here’s a easy to make bird feeder for the cold season. What you need: toilet paper rolls; peanut butter; bird seeds; some string. Just spread some peanut butter on the toilet roll to get the seeds to stick. Use a bit of string to put the feeder in a tree.

  • Painted cardboard house

    Painted cardboard house

    What you need: A big cardboard box and a small one; A sheet to protect the floor (I have an old bed sheet which I keep for craft projects); Acrylic paints and brushes; Cello tape, staples or glue; Scissors. Lift the side flops of the big box and glue them together to make a roof…