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  • Giant bubles

    Giant bubles

    More for the idea rather than the perfect recipe. I have used two sticks laying in my garden, some cotton embroidery string and a pair of keys, I had to improvise. For the solution I started with a recipe found online with 6 cups water, half cup cornflour, half cup dish soap, a teaspoon of…

  • Painted peebles 2

    Painted peebles 2

    Insects, snails and frogs. Used glitter because they were meant to be used in a fairy garden for my little ones. I used acrylic pains as well as acrylic markers and spray for waterproof finish.

  • Bubble catching

    Bubble catching

    We play with bubbles all the time, but never tried this until today. Great variation.

  • Doll on a walk photography project

    Doll on a walk photography project

    Walking around the houseand avoiding the parks and other people is not much fun so here is an idea. Take a small doll/action figure and ask kids to take photos with it doing stuff. My little one came with loads of ideas and loved to use my phone to snap some shots. I am sure…

  • Chalk ideas

    Chalk ideas

    Plenty of ideas out there. Animals, shapes, flowers. The one my little ones enjoyed the most are “be a butterfly” and colour our fence. There’s scope for many hours of work on the fence one.

  • Mud soups & pies Stay home ideas 13

    Mud soups & pies Stay home ideas 13

    Bowls, spoons, baking trays and any other unwanted pots plus loads of mud, leaves, flowers, stones, glitter, sprinkles and water. Let the cooking begin.

  • Camping in the garden stay home ideas 8

    Camping in the garden stay home ideas 8

    Get out a tent and make a fire. We did marshmallows and corn on the comb. That was great fun! We did this at weekend and my little one is asking every day if we are making a fire again.

  • Stay home ideas 7

    Stay home ideas 7

    Make an outdoor bed. I used the trampoline and added pillows and blankets, but you can use a paddling pool or just put blankets on the grass if not wet. Watch the clouds or stars, have a snack, count birds and admire the nature.

  • Stay home ideas 6

    Stay home ideas 6

    Here’s some of today’s highlights: – hot chocolate outside – practicing letters – sensory shaving foam & colours bag

  • Stay home ideas 3

    Stay home ideas 3

    Another day home with the kids. Much happens in a day, but here’s some of our main activities from today. Poker, throwing stones and milk bottles bowling.