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  • Sticks spiderweb – eco friendly decorations

    Sticks spiderweb – eco friendly decorations

    Start with a walk in the nearby woods and gather a few sticks from some fallen branches. Then form a star with 3 or 4 of them and stick them together in the middle with some string or tape (not that green but masking tape is slightly better). Then run some yarn from one stick…

  • Stay home ideas 18

    Stay home ideas 18

    Crystal tree kit, bride play and wheelbarrow ride.

  • Muddy puddles & alphabet game

    Muddy puddles & alphabet game

    Here’s an easy game for literacy and writing. Write the alphabet in capitals on a cardboard and make cards with the small letters. Ask children to match the letters, pronunce them and if they are old enough to say words starting with those letters.

  • Recycled windsock

    Recycled windsock

    Get an used can. Paint it or glue some nice fabric on, glue some strips of ribbon comming out from the inside of the can and make a hole in the top of the can to add a string and hang it somewhere in the garden for the wind to blow the ribbons. I had…

  • Stay home ideas 17

    Stay home ideas 17

    Cake decoration with cardboard and leftover icing, hit the balloons with the spoon for the baby and roller painting cardboard boxes.

  • Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Freeze some ice trays with coloured water (use food colouring). Add sprinkles, glitter, beads or other small decorations. To make big blocks of ice use plastic containers or lunch boxes. Add Frozen characters or North Pole figurines if your child is not a fan of the Disney film. You can add some warm water to…

  • Painting curbs & stepping stones

    Painting curbs & stepping stones

    Have you got any curbs, garden fences or stepping stones to paint? Get the kids to do it and you can finish off with the final touches. Finish off with a spray if you use normal acrylic on your stones. This way it will last longer.

  • Sink or float experiment

    Sink or float experiment

    Get a transparent bowl, fill it with water and put things in it to observe if they float or sink. Better done in the garden to look for things. Learn about density and porosity and why things float. After the game this ended up being a witch potion

  • Stay home ideas 14

    Stay home ideas 14

    Make a tent (I used tarpaulin on a washing line and some pegs for securing it in the grass) a polly pocket foamy pool party and dot patterns with kitchen roll or toilet paper.

  • Garden play ideas

    Garden play ideas

    Some of them can be done indoors. We have used some pegs to play a sort of follow my trail hide and seek, played with water and syringes (had different sizes, but you can use the ones from the paracetamol syrups for kids) and watered the flowers. Happy playing