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  • Edible muddy puddles play

    Edible muddy puddles play

    Easy messy play idea and totally edible.  Muddy bin with cars, animals or Peppa figurines. What you need: yogurt and cacao for mud; construction cars (or chunky cars if the bin is for a toddler); farm animals or other plastic figurines. Mix some yogurt for with cacao to make the mud and add all the […]

  • North Pole tuff spot (snow version 3)

    North Pole tuff spot (snow version 3)

    I have a few snow tuff spot articles presenting different ways to make pretend snow. This uses shaving cream and jelly baff. What you need: aluminium foil for lake; blue jelly baff made with ice cold water (link below); a tube of shaving cream; arctic animals; reusable ice cubes (cold from the freezer); cotton wool […]

  • Real snow sensory bin

    Real snow sensory bin

    If you get some snow outside and done playing out in the fresh air, but the kids are still excited you can bring some in the house. Get a scoop or a dust pan and put some snow in a box. Add their favourite toys or some of the arctic plastic animals. Get them to […]

  • Worms & bugs sensory bin

    Worms & bugs sensory bin

    Play idea involving very realistic worms made of pasta and soil made of coffee grounds. What I used: Boiled spaghetti; Coffee grounds; Bag of plastic bugs (link below); Wood chips; Stones; Plants; Scoops; A transparent storage box. Create a small world using the above materials. Save what you can and reuse. Always make a habit […]

  • Juice carton house

    Juice carton house

    Here is what to do with an empty carton of juice – a small house. What you need: an empty box of juice; paints; scissors and some tape. Make some doors and windows for the house and a larger hole at the back for play space. You can also separate the levels with the carved […]

  • North pole tuff spot (snow version 2)

    North pole tuff spot (snow version 2)
  • Edible chu chu train

    Edible chu chu train

    Here is a presentation idea for your vegetables or other snacks. Perfect for winter holidays, but you can adjust the setting to fit a transport themed party or other themes. What I’ve used: Big peppers; Cucumber slices; Food to load the train (sausages, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks); Toothpicks; Toy train track; Artificial trees; Christmas light […]

  • Construction site play tray

    Construction site play tray