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  • Fluffy cornstarch

    Fluffy cornstarch

    Mix shaving foam with corn flour until you obtain a fluffy yet moldable consistency. Great for pretend snow play with some penguins or just as sensory play. Do take note the smell of the shaving foam can be strong for some sensitive kids. Playing outdoors with it might be better in that case.

  • Space sensory bin

    Space sensory bin

    I think it was time for a non autumn related activity so here is our space inspired bin. My eldest spent over an hour playing, but she did ask for an improvement: add coins so that the astronauts have a treasure hunt on this unknown planet. How did I not think of that? My husband…

  • Savannah & jungle tuff spot

    Savannah & jungle tuff spot

    Get a bunch of jungle & savannah animals and create a setting using a variety of materials like sand, soil, trees, leaves, stones, pasta, cacao yogurt, pom poms and so on. Reuse what you can save.  

  • Polly pocket pool party

    Polly pocket pool party

    Here’s an easy idea for water play. What you need : Plastic figurines ; Water with bubbles (I used a Lush bubble bar with an amazing smell and colour for added sensory experience); Cupcake moulds as boats; Chair, boats, umbrella, palm trees or other pool related toys you might have in the house; Some interesting…

  • Under the sea sensory bin

    Under the sea sensory bin

    Here’s a water bases sensory bin: under the ocean soup What you need: A blue bath bomb (I’m a declared fan of Lush); Plastic aquarium plants; Fish/ocean figurines; Fishing net; Soak the jelly figurienes in water and let them about 2 days to expand. Mix the bath bomb in some warm water and add all…

  • Pretend water & sand play

    Pretend water & sand play

    This is one of the firsts tuff spots I made for my little one. What you need: semolina or cornmeal for sand; blue or transparent gelatine; seaside/ocean figurines; sand scoops. Use the gelatine straight from the fridge for an interesting sensory experience.

  • Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Great play idea with coloured rice, some pipes and kitchen utensils. A colour explosion!!!    

  • Farm tuff spot (complex version)

    Farm tuff spot (complex version)

    This is one of of the most popular tuff spot ideas out there. I have a number of variations, but this is my best. What you need: Straw; Dyed chickpeas; Artificial grass patch; Pasta; Farm animals; Farm stables; Easter sheep (Poundland); Train tracks; Artificial flowers; Tractors and farmers; Weetabix biscuit; Stones and wooden chips; Loosefill…

  • Dinosaurs tuff spot

    Dinosaurs tuff spot

    Here is a messy, but great dinosaurs tuff spot. What you need: Plastic dinosaurs; Fish tank plastic plants; Rocks and pebbles; Water, flour and food colouring for the goo (or liquid watercolours); Pasta, lentils, semolina for different textures. To make the goo just mix water, flour and colours to get a pancake batter consistency.

  • Recycling tuff spot play

    Recycling tuff spot play

    I’ve been saving lids, caps, and all sorts of recycling materials to do a sorting activity. Of course my little one helps out with the recycling in our house, but she still learns what everything is and where they go. Metal seems to be the hardest to get it, but she’ll get there. What you…